مغاسل سيارات تايفون

The Typhoon can provide you with the income of two bays from a single automatic. The simultaneous action of five independent wands delivers thorough cleaning power while using a fraction of the time needed by typical in-bay car washes.


The faster you can get cars through the bay means the quicker you head for the bank. The Typhoon™ can wash cars at a rate of up to 40 CARS PER HOUR. The Typhoon™ represents a single-bay investment with double-bay returns!


Adjusting to both length and width of each vehicle, the Typhoon™‘s computer controls give you, the operator, the versatility to wash the smallest cars to the longest pickups, even duallys, as well as the ability to select the wash cycles just right for each location. Oasis processors are supplied by the world’s most respected name in industrial controls.


The Typhoon™comes standard with on-board rocker panel blasters and underbody wash so you can control the entire cleaning process.


From the moment money is inserted and wash selected, the Typhoon™‘s built-in safety features work to protect your customer as well as the system.


Hydraulically powered, the Typhoon™‘s drive system is so reliable we offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, a feature unmatched in the industry.


The Typhoon™‘s simple design allows for only five moving components in the bay, thereby adding to its longevity. The less downtime, the more income.

مغاسل سيارات XP

At Sparkling Shine we provide dependable, high-speed, efficient car wash equipment with the investor in mind. Our products are made to be the best on the market. We don’t take shortcuts, because there’s no substitute for high quality.


The Oasis XP is one of the fastest touchfree in-bay automatics in the industry today, second only to the Oasis Typhoon. It is able to wash more cars per hour by washing three sides of a vehicle simultaneously, compared to competitive models that wash only 1 1/2 sides at a time. Its unique design cuts down on wasted movement, thus increasing throughput.


Our onboard XPert monitors the entire system as well as the customer’s vehicle and keeps you informed of unusual events. XPert is not only your consultant in troubleshooting but in some cases is your service man.


Every XP comes with the Eco-Wash environmentally friendly package as standard equipment, offering operators the opportunity to further reduce water and utility requirements resulting in even lower operating costs. Oasis also offers an advanced water reclamation system to conserve water usage and reduce discharge in order to meet standards and regulations at your location.

مغاسل سيارات باي واش i5

Tunnel Clean Technology.  Reliable Equipment.  Consistent Results.  Oasis BayWash i5 Soft-Touch Hybrid In-Bay Automatic condenses the power of a full scale car wash into a bay-sized footprint allowing you to provide customers with a professional grade wash.

BayWash Tunnel Clean Technology means that the i5 soft-touch must deliver the same level of cleaning performance as our touch-free equipment — only with brushes. Anything less and your car wash won’t be able to deliver a consistent wash day in and day out, and customers won’t come back week after week.


It starts with the i5’s 5-brush wash system with swinging wrap coupler that provides complete coverage of every vehicle surface. A 2-step presoak process leverages the same technique used by conveyorized operators to promote water break, improve drying efficiency, and lubricate wash material for safety. The i5’s standard vehicle profiling means that every customer from the largest SUV to the smallest subcompact will leave satisfied, planning their next visit.

Everyone talks a lot about reliability but few explain what they actually mean. At BayWash it means we over-engineer durability. The structural frame of the i5 is that of a professional grade conveyorized car wash designed to process over a hundred cars per hour. The frame carries a lifetime warranty with a 1 year warranty on parts.

The BayWash i5 is designed with an open architecture philosophy so that parts such as bearings, motors, and gearboxes are readily available or may be sourced locally. With BayWash you’ll always have the ability to source parts locally when you need a part within hours or minutes.

نشافات إكلبس للسيارات

The Eclipse™ by Oasis is a new generation of car wash in a class all its own. Not just an in-bay automatic, or express tunnel, this revolutionary new product successfully combines the benefits of an in-bay automatic with the advantages of an express tunnel but without the hassles of a conveyor. Every piece of this new system has been specifically engineered to increase owner revenues – to make more money for you!


Combined with the Typhoon, the XP or the i5, the unique design of the Eclipse™ increases throughput by allowing two cars to be washed and dried simultaneously. After the wash cycle is complete, the vehicle measurements are transferred to the fully integrated smart dryer, providing another time and energy-saving feature. High volume and velocity air flow from three quiet and efficient turbines running at 3600 rpm insures quick and complete water removal. The Eclipse™ is fully programmable, allowing the operator to control the number of drying passes.

نشافات GaleForce المدمجة لمغاسل XP

The GaleForce is the only on-board dryer that operates via an independent drive. After the vehicle has been washed, the main bridge parks at the entrance of the wash bay while the GaleForce drys the vehicle in one or two “customer programmable” passes. This unique feature prevents water from dripping onto the vehicle after it is dry, as is typical with most on-board docking units.

Because it is part of the Oasis system, the GaleForce detects the measurements of each vehicle and travels only the necessary distance to complete the job. This saves you time and money and eliminates the need for additional sensing devices.


نشافات GaleForce المستقلة


The GaleForce stand-alone dryer is used when optimum output is mandatory. While one car is drying, your Oasis high-pressure automatic will continue with the next vend, keeping the line moving at up to 40 cars per hour. Whether wall (interior or exterior) or leg mounted, this free standing unit requires little space, and may be incorporated into any Oasis wash system.

For a truly budget-conscious drying solution, Oasis also offers the ST Series dryer which gives you the freedom to configure the location of the blowers on the machine.

مكانس كهربائية ستينلس ستيل لمغاسل السيارات

  • 2 or 3 Motors (25 Amp or 30 Amp) (Except silver bullet, which is 1 motor)
  • Bag Filter System
  • Easy Clean-out
  • Credit card or money acceptor
  • Timer option
Express Vacuums
Aroma Vacuums
Silver Bullet Vacuums

مكانس كهربائية لمغاسل السيارات مع مظلة مدمجة


أنظمة تقطير المياه الخاصة لمغاسل السيارات

freeWater freeWater

Aqua Bio reverse osmosis systems are designed for overall superior performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption, and great savings with low maintenance and operation costs.

Aqua Bio reverse osmosis systems feature a new, innovative, and expandable design.  These systems feature only the highest-quality components, including a programmable computer controller with built-in standard features, a stainless steel booster pump for high performance and corrosion resistance, ultra low energy membranes, and fiberglass membrane housings for enhanced performance and durability.  

Aqua Bio reverse osmosis systems have been engineered for capacities ranging from 500 – 36,000 gallons per day

أنظمة تكرير المياه - أكوابايو Bio Complete

The Bio Complete water restoration system restores used wash water to as near city water quality as is biologically possible.  In fact, this system generally produces water that is about 100 TDS over incoming city water.  No other treatment system can produce water as clean as the Bio Complete system.  This system works similar to our Pro-Limited system, but adds an additional cleaning step during which the water is sent through a biological treatment chamber where natural, active bacteria consume chemicals in the water. A Bio Complete water restoration system will produce water that can be used in 90 to 95 percent of the wash.  

waterRecImg waterRecImg

أنظمة تكرير المياه - أكوابايو Pro Limited

waterReclaim waterReclaim

The Pro-Limited is an entry-level water reclaim system that can be used by a vehicle wash that isn’t interested in complete water restoration of vehicle waste water before it is reused.  The Pro-Limited treats the waste water by removing solids larger than 5 micron after the standard settling tanks.  


أنظمة مغاسل الشاحنات من وايتنق Whiting Systems

Over time, things like dirt, environmental pollutants, tree sap, dead insects, bird droppings, and road salt can wreak havoc on the protective coating, paint, and metalwork of your vehicles, leading to costly paint damage and rust. However, spending time washing vehicles by hand or paying for truck washing services may not be the most cost-effective way to keep them clean, which is where we can help you.

Whiting Systems are global leaders in the manufacturing, sales and service of large vehicle fleet wash systems. If you own or manage a private fleet consisting of a variety of truck types and trailers, we offer various models consisting of brush, touchless and combination wash systems each engineered to minimize wash cost and wash times while maximize wash quality. All systems are manufactured with high grade T304 stainless steel. Our panel shops are UL and ETL certified. All gantry systems are equipped with remote diagnostics. High speed industrial controllers are factory programmed to meet the precise needs of your fleet. All systems ensure the correct amounts of chemicals, dwell times and proper rinse. Our True current-sense technology guarantees accurate load pressures for brush contact for a safe and gentle wash process. The Whiting Systems Smart Wash Program is the preferred choice of our most discriminating; the customer. 

We maintain sales, service, and distribution of Whiting systems all over Saudi Arabia. We take pride in offering a large selection of automated wash systems for your vehicles and providing you with unbeatable service along the way.


مغاسل ستورم بدون لمس مع جسر متحرك

The SmartWash STORM truck wash gives your vehicles a powerful, deep clean. Ideal for more compact fleets. Its touchless, automated cleaning technique will transform the way you do business.


مغاسل سوبرا بالفرش مع جسر متحرك

The Supra is ideal for washing trucks, coaches, oil field mining trucks and vans. This touchless, high pressure washing system will bring luster back to any large scale vehicle.


مغاسل سوبر سكاوت بالفرش مع جسر متحرك

Optimal for buses and coaches, The SmartWash Supra is a versatile cleaning machine that removes grime and dirt build-up without any harm to your vehicle.



The SmartWash Supra is a versatile washing system that is used for virtually all large vehicles. Its touchless, high-pressure washing system will completely remove any build-ups from your vehicles.


مغاسل قطارات سمارت واش سبرايت مع جسر ثابت

As its name implies, the SmartWash Sprite Drive Through is the ultimate cleaning machine for any type of fleet. As an automated system with sensors, it will clean even the most complex structures, such as trains!


أنظمة نيو هورايزونز لمباني مغاسل السيارات الجاهزة

We customize your glass car wash building per your specifications. We always want our customers to receive car wash buildings that meet their expectations and are the perfect fit for their location. There are some standard sizes, widths and length available, to get your started, but every New Horizons car wash building is different and unique to your business.